TE 207: Materials and Processes

Students constructing a material made of corn products to coat final project.

F, S alternate years, to be offered 2012 4 cr.
(Lecture 2, Lab 2)
Exploration of technical competencies using tools and equipment common to wood, metal and composite materials related to industrial usage and engineering applications.
  • What defines a material?
  • How do materials differ?
  • Why does the material used for a project matter?

  • What defines a process?
  • How do processes differ?
  • Why does the process used for a project matter?

Final projects being thrown out the window to test strength of box and corn material

Cleaning up final project and broken concrete plaque

  • What are some applications of materials and processes?
  • Final cummative projects

Technology Education Instructor
Lidia Haughey, M.Ed
(406) 994-6303
Reid 211
Technology Education Program Leader
Dr. Scott Davis, PhD
(406) 994-5775
Reid 210