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Technology Education - Course List

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TE 101 - Introduction to Technology Education

F - 1 cr. (Lecture/Lab)

This class provides an introduction to Technology Education. Throughout the semester a deeper understanding of the Technology Education curriculum will be established. The rationale, principles, and philosophy of Technology Education will also be covered. This class centers around problem solving and includes activities such as building a SAE (Society of Automotive Eng.) car, construction of a spaghetti tower, and writing a paper about technology. This course focuses on what technology education is about and distinguishes it from the industrial arts.

DDSN 114 - 2-D Computer-Aided Drafting

S - 3 cr. (Lecture 1, Lab 2)

Provides the learner with an understanding of two-dimensional computer-aided drafting. Students explore and create two dimensional drawings with the aid of AutoCAD software (made by Auto desk). Drawings focus on architecture, mechanical and civil engineering applications.


TE 500 - Seminar

1 cr.

Topic to be announced.

TE 501 - History and Philosophy of Technology Education

On Demand 3 crs.

A review of national trends and issues in Technology Education and their implications for program development at the local, state and national level.

TE 530 - 3D Modeling and Animation

On Demand 3 crs. (Lecture 1, Lab 2) Prerequisite: DDSN 114 or EGEN 115, 116, 117 or have consent of instructor

This course is designed to provide the learner with experiences that build on previous AutoCAD use and focuses primarily on the creation of 3D solid models