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TIPs - To Improve Productivity

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Across campus, the free exchange of ideas has been flowing. TIP submissions continue to come in. Many of these are informal proposals, but are ideas that should be shared with the university community.

Reducing Mail Costs

Send certified letters without using the return receipt postcard. With the new electronic services available, you can look up the certified mail number and see where and when the item was delivered, then do a screen print for your records. Total savings: $1.75 per letter.

Also, some items which are currently sent with certified mail may be able to be sent 1st class. There is also an optional Certificate of Mailing that only costs $0.90.

~Submitted by Wendy McCarty~

Open Up TIP Program

Include the other campuses in the TIP Program.

~Submitted by Tom Phillips~

Use E-mail

There is no need to send duplicate information in an e-mail and a mailing when one would suffice. Sending just the e-mail would reduce time taken from sorting and distribution as well as save paper.

University as an Applied Laboratory

Horticulture and landscape design students could work on designing and maintaining native plant landscaping on campus as a lab, thus reducing water usage and maintenance costs. They could also sell any excess greenhouse grown plants. Engineering students could work with Environmental Design students on ideas for making Wilson (or any) Hall energy efficient as senior design projects. Business and Industrial Engineering students could study the work flow of the university as their senior research projects. These experiences would benefit everyone - students involved in the hands-on experiences would feel more connected to the university (and may make lasting impressions), while visitors and other students at the university would enjoy seeing the student's work in action.

Community Goodwill and Building Use

Every senior student should be required to complete at least 16 hours of community service to obtain their degree. This would promote goodwill within the Bozeman community.

Offer more classes during summers and evenings taught by graduate students as part of their requirements for an advanced degree. Empty classrooms don't make "cents".

Require students in the College of Engineering to do an energy audit of MSU buildings in conjunction with Northwestern Energy. Implement suggestions for savings. Turning computers off instead of using screen savers can cut energy consumption.

Require students in the College of Business to do a comparison study of various suppliers to MSU to determine if any savings are available in that area. For example, Negotiations with certain companies can bring down costs for MSU.

Lower room temperatures in all buildings 3°

~Submitted by Charlene Knaak~

Recycle Printer Cartridges

Take advantage of the Office Max and Office Depot program in which you receive a ream of paper in exchange for your empty cartridges.

~Submitted by Betty Mullette (MSU-Billings)~