A Web-based Learning Module Prepared by

Students and Faculty at Montana State University-Bozeman's

Initiative for Minority Student Development



Students: Neela Bearcomesout, Ricarda Foote, Tucker Harris, Jace Harwood, Patricia Peters,

Michelle Show, Neva Tall Bear, Francine Washington, Edward Watt, Vanessa Watts, Loni Whitford

Not pictured: Jewel Payne, Cheyenne Limpy, Mary Lou Bahr

Faculty: Virginia Hammarlund, Dwight Phillips, Joan Henson, Larry Jackson, Florence Dunkel

Not pictured: Jim McMillan, Cliff Bond, Mike Babcock, John Sherwood, Chuck Paden, Gwen Jacobs

IMSD Staff: Sara L. Young, Director and John Watts, Technical Writing Instructor

Not Pictured: Terry Driscoll, BTC Program Manager, JoAnn Murray, Administrative Assistant,

Michelle RidesAtTheDoor, Program Assistant, Mike Jetty, GRA and Wendell LeftHand, BTC Intern

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This project was funded by Grant # 1-R25 gm56806-01 from

the National Institute of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences