All of the following are signs and symptoms of diabetes except:
          a.  frequent urination
          b.  extreme hunger
          c.  frequent infections
          d.  diarrhea
Diabetes is contagious.  True or False.
Which of the following are risk factors for diabetes?
          a.  age
          b.  being Native American
          c.  having a family member with diabetes
          d.  all of the above
When was diabetes found among Native Americans?
          a.  1900-1930
          b.  1940-1960
          c.  recently (1999)
          d.  none of the above
Insulin is a simple sugar found in the blood.  True or False. 
Insulin is produced in the
          a.  pancreas
          b.  liver
          c.  kidney
          d.  gallbladder
Hyperglycemia can lead to all complications except:
          a.  kidney failure
          b.  blindness
          c.  gas
          d.  heart disease
Type II diabetes is most prevalent among Native Americans.   True or False.

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