The IMSD Diabetes Website was produced by the undergraduate student participants of the Montana State University-Bozeman Initiative for Minority Student Development. The students spent 10 weeks working a minimum of four hours per day reviewing the literature on diabetes among Native Americans as well as reading other diabetes websites and discussing their findings as a group at least one afternoon per week. Next, students wrote the content of the website and developed the graphics. The major portion of the website was completed during the summer of 1998; however, additional editing was conducted during the Fall Semester 1998 during the students' one hour per week technical writing session. Web revisions were completed by the Burns Telecommunications Center intern, Wendell LeftHand, during the Spring Semester 1999. Although the project was developed as a team, students were responsible for specific components. The students and their assigned components were:

Cheyenne Limpy (N. Cheyenne) and Neela BearComesOut (N. Cheyenne)- Introduction

Eddie Watt (N. Cheyenne) and Patricia Peters (Menominee) - Genetics

Jace Harwood (Blackfeet), Michelle Show (Assiniboine) and Tucker Harris (Chippewa) - Complications

Neva TallBear (Crow) and Vanessa Watts (Crow) - Psychological and Social Aspects

Francine Washington (Crow)- Gestational Diabetes

Ricarda Foote (N. Cheyenne)- Care

Loni Whitford (Chippewa Cree)- Exercise

Jewel Payne (Assiniboine Sioux)- Nutrition

The students would like to thank the following individuals who spent many, many hours assisting the students with suggestions for writing and revising the document.

John Watts, English Instructor at MSU-Bozeman and IMSD Technical Writing Instructor without whom the project could not have been completed.

Dr. Jim McMillan, Dean of the College of Letters and Science and IMSD Principal Investigator

Sara L. Young, Director, American Indian Research Opportunities and IMSD Program Coordinator

Terry Driscoll, Program Manager, Burns Telecommunication Center

Mike Jetty, Title I Specialist, Office of Public Instruction (formerly with the AIRO Office)

JoAnn Murray, Administrative Assistant, American Indian Research Opportunities Office and Michelle RidesAtTheDoor, former IMSD Program Assistant

The following IMSD research mentors are also greatly appreciated for their assistance both with the summer diabetes project and with the research opportunities in their labs.

Dr. Dwight Phillips, WWAMI Co-Director, Biology Professor

Dr. Gina Hammarlund, Nutrition Assistant Professor, Chicago Medical School (formerly at MSU-Bozeman)

Dr. Alex Michael Babcock, Department Head, Psychology Dept.

Dr. Clifford Bond, Professor, Microbiology Dept.

Dr. Larry Jackson, Professor, Chemistry Dept.

Dr. Charles Paden, Associate Professor, Biology Dept.

Dr. Joan Henson, Associate Professor, Microbiology Dept.

Dr. Florence Dunkel, Associate Professor, Entomology Dept.

Dr. John Sherwood, Associate Professor, Plant Sciences Dept.

The IMSD students would also like to thank Ruth Alden and Dee TallBear for allowing us to use their images for Grandma and Dustin. We would also like to thank Henry and Shannon Wilson for allowing us to use their daughter, Mikayla's picture as the Baby Kaye in the gestational diabetes section.

The IMSD Diabetes website project was funded from the MORE Division of the National Institute of Health through grant # 1-R25 gm56806-01.

The IMSD Staff and students are also deeply grateful to Dr. Clifton Poodry, Director of the MORE Division of NIH for all the support he has given the students and the project.


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