Setting: Grandma and Dustin are at the Tribal Fitness Center visiting with Sam Strong Heart, the fitness coordinator.


Sam: Good Morning! C'mon in! How are you folks this morning?

Grandma: Oh, we're just fine. We went to the Diabetic Clinic this morning, my daughter who is Dustin's mom, has just recently found out that she has Type II diabetes. Dustin wants to learn as much as he can about the disease. So they told us to come and visit the Fitness Center.

Sam: Oh, really. Well, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, Dustin. But I'm really proud to hear that you want to learn more about this disease and that you want to help your friends and family out. So go ahead and ask questions; I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

Dustin: I mostly want to learn more about Type II diabetes and what I can possibly do to help my family and friends to prevent it.

Sam: Here at the fitness center we have a lot of information.


Lipoprotein- a lipid combined with a protein molecule.


Dustin: Hmmm....(thinking of a question)

Grandma: Sam, could you explain some of the benefits of exercising to Dustin.

 Sam: There are Benefits of Exercising for people with diabetes or symptoms for diabetes; First of all, exercise improves the body's use of insulin. Second, it lowers blood pressure. It also increases high-density (good) lipoprotein and reduces risk of heart disease. The other benefit is that it reverses or reduces potential for insulin resistance often associated with obesity. Plus, research shows that regular physical activity can reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life!

Grandma: I was wondering if there is anything here at the fitness center that I could possibly be doing? For exercise right now, I do a lot of housework, and I like working in my garden, and when I have the time, me and my daughters go out and walk in the evenings.

Sam: Well, the first step that I strongly suggest to do is to check with your doctor. Together you can decide how much and what kinds of exercise are right for you. The right amount of the right exercise can do wonders for you. Also eat balanced meals, and when your medication is well balanced, exercise will definitely help you feel healthier and happier.

Dustin: Are there certain exercises that my family, friends and I can be doing?

Sam: There sure are. The best activities for you are vigorous aerobic exercises, there are also anaerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises use the largest muscle group and improve stamina and overall health. Anaerobic exercises are not recommended for diabetics because anaerobic means lack of air or oxygen. It is a more strenuous workout, but you are a healthy young man, and can probably handle either.


Aerobic Exercise- Endurance exercises that sustain ongoing oxidative phosphorylation .The exercising muscles depend on delivery of adequate oxygen and nutrient supplies via the circulatory system to maintain their activity.

Anaerobic Exercise- High-intensity exercise that can be sustained for only a short duration in contrast to the body's prolonged ability to sustain aerobic activities.

Oxidative phosphorylation- The entire sequence of mitochondrial biochemical reactions that use oxygen to extract energy from the nutrients in food and transform them into ATP, producing carbon dioxide and water in the process.


Dustin: But I don't really like or never really wanted to try aerobic classes.

Sam: (laughing) No, no, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take aerobic classes. Let me ask you this, what kind of physical activities do you like?

Dustin: Basketball, running, grass dancing, and walking around at Pow wows! (Smiling)

Sam: There you go, man! Basketball is a great aerobic workout, and you know grassdancing is an awesome aerobic workout, as long as you do it steady for at least 30 minutes. Say for instance, dance a full grand entry and the inter-tribals, you'll have your workout for the day done, plus, I know you'll walk around. (Smiling) There are also a whole lot of other aerobic exercises that you and even your grandma can try, as well as other types of exercises.

Dustin: Are there certain precautions that my mom should be aware of?

Sam: For diabetics...and, well, it pertains to all other people, there are many precautions that everybody needs to be aware of, an example is stretching. Stretching is one of the most important things that you can do before and after exercising.

Dustin: What is this list of numbers and stuff on the wall?

Sam: Those are just some of thestatistics that we try to keep up to date just so we can let the people out there know a few of the reasons why it is so important for them to exercise.

Sam: Josephine, I would also like to show you some information specifically for Type II diabetes (Non-Insulin-Dependant Diabetes Mellitus.)

Grandma: Well, Mr. Strong Arm, I just want to thank you for all your helpful information and I do plan on going to talk to my doctor, before I do any more exercise.

Dustin: Yeah, thank you so much for giving me all of that information, I really appreciate it!

Sam: You're welcome! You folks come in anytime. (Smile)



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