All questions are True or False

        1. High blood glucose can make a diabetic's vision blurry.
        2. Glaucoma does not cause blindness.
        3. Diabetics need a special eye exam every year.
        4. Smoking does not increase the chance of getting retinopathy in diabetics.
        5. The only treatment for eye diseases is surgery.
        6. It is okay for diabetics to soak their feet.
        7. Diabetics need to have their feet checked by a doctor at least four times a year.
        8. It is okay for diabetics to cut their own toenails.
        9. Diabetics can go barefoot because all they need to do is watch where they are going.
        10. Diabetics should have their teeth cleaned every year.
        11. Diabetics should brush their teeth at least two times a day for five minutes each time.
        12. When diabetics become ill, they need to check their blood glucose level more often.
        13. Keeping up with vaccinations can prevent some sicknesses.
        14. Diabetics can keep track of their blood glucose levels in their heads since they only have to check their levels every once in a while.
        15. Walking does not count as an exercise.
        16. It is okay for diabetics to skip meals.
        17. When diabetics have a wound on their feet, it is advisable not to put a Band-Aid or tape on their foot because it may irritate it.
        18. Diabetics should check their shoes before they put them on.
        19. Diabetes causes heart problems.
        20. Diabetes does not damage the kidneys.



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