Complications of Type II Diabetes Mellitus


Setting: Grandma Josephine and Dustin are visiting Dr. Ponds' office.

Dr. Ponds: Hello, Josephine! It's good to see you. How are you doing this fine day?

Grandma Josephine: I'm fine, thank you, Dr. Ponds. How are you?

Dr. Ponds: Great, and who is this young man with you today?

Grandma: This is my grandson, Dustin.

Dr. Ponds: Nice to meet you, Dustin.

Dustin: Same to you, Dr. Ponds.


Type II diabetes- A condition where insulin is produced but rejected by the insulin receptors on the cells of the body.

Grandma: Dustin is with me today to learn about the complications of diabetes. He just found out that his mom has Type II diabetes, and he wants to understand what's going to happen to her. I knew that you would be able to explain things to Dustin better than I could.

Dr. Ponds: Thank you, Josephine. I'm honored to help out anyone that is curious about medicine. Dustin, your mother is going to be fine, as long as she takes very good care of herself. However, if she doesn't control the diabetes, complications will arise.

Dustin: That's what I was wondering about, Dr. Ponds. What kind of complications will happen?

Dr. Ponds: Diabetics typically experience several complications, including atherosclerosis, neuropathy, kidney malfunction, heart attack, stroke, retinopathy, and urinary and sexual dysfunction. Let's take a look at this human figure, and you can point to a region of the body or a heading that interests you.

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