What is the importance of good foot care?

Complications of diabetes such as diabetic neuropathy can damage the feet leading to amputations. Proper foot care can prevent foot infections and amputations.

Did you know?

Complications resulting from diabetes, including amputations, are more common among Native Americans.



What should diabetics do to insure healthy feet?

 Keep blood sugar levels under control.

Get regular exercise. Being physically active increases the circulation in the feet.

Lose weight if overweight.

Eat a healthy diet.

  Check feet daily.

People with diabetes should look for cuts, scrapes, scratches, cracks, or blisters.

They should make sure to check between the toes and the bottoms of their feet. They should have someone help if they can not see their feet well.


Diabetics need to have their feet checked by a doctor at least four times a year.

  Wash feet daily.

Always check the water with an elbow before sticking the feet into anything.

Use mild soap and rinse the feet well.

Do not soak feet. Soaking feet will make them dry and may lead to additional infections.

Use lotion on dry feet but never put lotion between the toes. It causes germs that could lead to infections because of the moisture.

  Trim toenails.

Do not cut into the corners of the toes.

If the diabetic can not cut their toenails by themselves, they should have a nurse do it.

  Corns and Calluses.

Do not try to cut off corns or calluses. Doing this will expose the much more tender skin underneath them.

Do not use razor blades, corn plasters, or liquid corn or callus removers. These things may irritate the skin.


Always wear shoes and socks. Make sure that they are comfortable and that they fit well.

Break shoes in an hour at a time.

Never go barefoot, especially on the beach.

Check shoes before they put them on. Look for sharp objects that might be in there that may hurt the feet.

If their feet are cold at night, wear socks to bed.


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