Exercise is a very important part of the diabetes control plan for those with Type II diabetes.


Before a diabetic patient gets started on an exercise program, it is very important to discuss health factors with their doctor.


It's always a good idea to check blood sugar levels before starting to exercise. If low (under 70 mg/dl), a snack will be needed to avoid having low blood sugar while the exercising.


Of course, it is wise to carry some carbohydrate food while exercising. And, during prolonged exercise, when thirsty, drinking fruit juice or a commercial product like Gatorade, is advisable instead of only water, to help keep the blood sugar level up.

An insulin reaction must be treated as soon as it is felt. Drinking at least one-half cup of orange juice IMMEDIATELY can prevent it from becoming worse.

Hypoglycemia may be avoided by close monitoring of amounts of insulin to be injected, eating appropriate amounts of food and not skipping meals when exercise is planned.


Learn the body's response to exercise.

With regular exercise, testing blood sugar more often is essential.


Exercise speeds absorption of insulin, so injecting insulin into parts of the body that won't be exercised during the activity is best.



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