The Psychological and Social Aspects of Diabetes Quiz



What is the relationship between stress and diabetes?

A. Stress by itself is the cause of diabetes.

B. Stress is a predisposing factor for diabetes.

C. Stress has no relationship to diabetes.


What might a diabetic who is in denial FAIL to do?

A. Test blood glucose.

B. Eat healthily.

C. Take care of feet.

D. All of the above.


What leads a diabetic to avoid visiting the doctor?

A. Eating healthily.

B. Exercising frequently.

C. Having a doctor say the diabetic is not following their health care plan adequately.

D. Both A and B.


Why do some diabetics feel guilt?

A. Their healthcare plan is not working even though they are following it.

B. They feel responsible for getting the disease.

C. They think they will pass their disease on to their children.

D. All of the above


Which of the following statements about depression are false?

A. Depression is not a serious problem for diabetics.

B. Depression may lead to alcohol abuse, which is not especially harmful for diabetics.

C. Depression may be caused by the extra effort required to deal with diabetes.

D. Both A and B


Which of the following types of motivation will NOT benefit a diabetic?

A. Using humor to make a situation tolerable.

B. Thinking positive.

C. Eating junk food.

D. Joining support groups for therapy.


Which of the following statements about sexual complications are NOT true?

A. Alcohol and drug abuse may cause sexual complications.

B. Depression, Stress, and Anxiety may cause sexual complications.

C. Women don't have any sexual complications because of diabetes.

D. Impotence in male diabetics cannot be caused by physical problems.

E. Both C and D.


Who does Indian Health Service, a branch of public health care, provide services for?

A. Non-Indians

B. All tribes

C. Tribes federally recognized within the United


D. None of the above


Why is health insurance difficult for Native American diabetics to get?

A. Because diabetes is a disease only Native Americans get.

B. Because diabetes is a pre-existing condition.

C. Because all diabetes is inherited.

D. Both A and C


Which of the following laws protect a diabetic from being discriminated in a job?

A. Native American Religious Freedom Act.

B. Title V of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

C. Americans With Disability Act.

D. Both B and C.



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