Kasey's Web Page






Me as a Lil, Nasty, DirtyNative…

Just call me LNDN (Lil Indian)

Get it??!!! Ha,Ha,Ha!!



Me Posin…Ha-Ha-Hey!

Me as a good ol’ kid with his lil braids and a cheesy, korny, but cute smile.




Wa-Hey!! My name is Kasey Joseph Nicholson. I am a Gros-Ventre from the Fort

Belknap reservation. Representing the White Clay Clan.  The Ah-Ah-Nin-Nan. I am a Libra,

born in October. My favorite number is 5, my favorite sport is basketball and my favorite

color is purple.  I would wear purple more, but it does not go good with my complexion.

Aye, I jokes!!!


My hobbies are playing basketball, running long distance, tennis, fishing, lifting weights,

Drawing, painting, writing hip-hop lyrics, bowling, visiting, listening to music, singing with

various drum groups (mainly White Clay and Black Bull Jrs.), and grass dancing at various

Pow-wows, and hanging with my boys.

However, I also like spending time with all my cousins, my uncles, and aunties.

I can not forget to say that I Love to spend time with my Granny, Martha Nez Perce Buck,

my mother Margaret Nicholson, and my girlfriend Michelle Show.


I attend Montana State University-Bozeman, where I am majoring in Family Science and

Hoping to go onto graduate school and get a Master’s in some sort of counseling.

I am going on into my fourth year of college and after my 4th year, I will have one more year

Before I go to graduate school. Hoe!!, I am almost done with my college degree, COOL!!!




Just to let you know how I look and what types of stuff I like to do…


These are pictures of me flying…

From left to right…You see me flying to dunk the ball, the middle you see me flying down

A river, while white water rafting and on the right you see me flying in for a warm-up lay up.









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