Crank on the Crow Reservation


The Crow Tribe of Montana is made up of 9,000 members. It is located in the southeast part of Montana. Within its manmade boundaries are those natural ones created by the Bighorn and Little Bighorn rivers, which form a valley bordered on the south and west by the Bighorn and Pryor mountains and on the east by the Wolf mountains. The land stretching outward from these mountains is composed of gently rolling hills that seem to flow westward like an endless plain, met only by the clouds and finally by the distant horizon. This is the sacred land of the Crow people.

The headquarters for the Crow tribe is located in Crow Agency, Montana. The Crow people were known for their unique and distinct style of dress.  The Crow men were strong, fierce warriors and the most handsome of all tribes.  The women were strong, hard working and the most beautiful of all tribes.

Today in the Crow tribe, the traditional culture is still very strong.  Yet the Crow people still have problems with drugs and alcohol.   Methamphetamine addiction is now an epidemic on the Crow reservation. The nation that once was made up of fierce warriors and strong women is now weakened by a new enemy, drug abuse.

Today's warriors must fight against this new adversary.  The Crow nation has begun several strategies to fight this problem.   The Crow people hope that treatment centers on the Crow reservation and community involvement will help the Crow people be a strong nation that is drug and alcohol free.

Crow Detox


The Crow nation has a treatment center available for both the Crow people and non-Crow people.  This program is called Crow Detox and is located in Crow Agency.  This treatment center uses both traditional healing and Western methods to combat drug abuse.

The Crow Detox treatment program lasts from 7 to 30 days. There is room for twelve resident patients at the center.  Patients range in age from 17 on up.  Most of the residents who come to detox treatment center are court-ordered to be there. This treatment is funded by the Crow tribe. Crow detox cooperates with the substance abuse program at Indian Health Services and with public health services.   Unfortunately, the Crow detox center is not very successful in its treatment of methamphetamine addiction.  Only about 1 out of 100 patients successfully recover from methamphetamine addiction.

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