Exit Gallery

ASMSU Arts and Exhibits features contemporary art and ideas to educate and challenge MSU students and the community through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops in the visual arts.  

ASMSU Arts & Exhibits 2015-2016
Exit Gallery Exhibitions

Fall Semester 2015

MSU Study Abroad Photography Competition
MSU Program
August 31 – September 11

Charles Bolte
MSU Student
September 14 – October 2

Jason Clark
MSU Visiting Artist
October 5 – 23

Alexander Clinthorne
MSU Graduate Student
October 26 – November 13

Abbey Freed
MSU Student
November 16 – December 4


Spring Semester 2016
Muriel Condon
MSU Student
January 19 – February 5

Artists from the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts
MSU Visiting Artists
February 8 – 26

Jill M. Scarson
MSU Alumni
February 29 – March 24

Ian Jirasko
MSU Student
March 28 – April 8

Melissa Livingston
MSU Student
April 11 – 29

Art Sales
MSU Students & Alumni
Fall Art Sale
November 2 – 3

Spring Art Sale
March 23-24

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The Exit Gallery

Mission: The Exit Gallery empowers contemporary art and ideas in order to inspire and challenge MSU students and the community.

The Exit Gallery is a student organized student funded art gallery operated by ASMSU. The gallery hosts about five exhibits per semester as well as other arts events. Receptions are typically on Thursdays and are free…a great time to meet new people who love the arts, snack on awesome food and actually have intelligent conversation! The Exit Gallery educates, informs, and encourages creativity! It is an outlet for student artists, alumni, and other up and coming talents! So come check out what your peers have been up to…..wait, did you even know we have an amazing arts community on campus? Well it’s time to find out!

The Exit Gallery is located in Strand Union Building room 212, Montana State University. Hours are Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm and closed in the summer. The exhibition is sponsored by ASMSU Arts and Exhibits. For more information please email asmsuarts@msu.montana.edu. 


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melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn || ASMSU Arts and Exhibits Director

I was born and raised in South Carolina where I grew up among family, heat, and trees.  I spent five years studying and performing modern dance in New York City before moving to the mountains of Montana.  I am pursuing a BFA in Printmaking and Sculpture at Montana State University, and I am excited to have the opportunity to learn and grow in my role as Director of Arts & Exhibits for ASMSU.  My artistic goal is to create and share works of art that arise from and encourage continued observation and reflection by viewers and myself.  I find deep pleasure in the act of creation and am grateful for the hours of my life spent in the art and dance studios.