At Large Senate

Representing At Large students


Colton Coffee

Office Hours: R 2-4
Liaison to ASMSU:
Campus Entertainment and The Exponent
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): Appeals Board

About: My name is Colton Coffee and being born and raised in Montana, I've had the opportunity to watch MSU change throughout the years. It is my goal to make sure that it continues to grow during my time here and after. Over the years, I've learned small town values by spending my summers on a ranch near Miles City and gained knowledge of bigger city operations while going to school in Billings. I'm a sophomore in business finance and have ambitious plans for myself and campus. I look forward to seeing what I can do for MSU and for you.


Shawna Pratt

Office Hours: M,W 1-2
Liaison to ASMSU:
 Latenight Streamline and Films 
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): Museum of the Rockies

Hi, I am here at MSU studying chemical and biological engineering. Originally from eastern Montana, I grew up with great opportunities to try a lot of different things: hockey, hog farming, ranching, school sports, gardening, and music. I miss the flat land, but am enjoying my time here in Bozeman. Since moving to Bozeman, I have gotten involved in the community by referring and coaching hockey, playing in the ultimate Frisbee summer league, and working as a researcher in the Center for Biofilm Engineering, as well as taking advantage of trips abroad. I am excited to represent students as an At-Large senator and I look forward to meeting many of the students that make MSU great in my time in ASMSU, and am excited to be part of the voice of the students


Kaitlyn Wernik

Office Hours: M,W 11-1
Liaison to ASMSU:
Arts and Exhibits and KGLT
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): Outreach and Engagement Council

Hey Bobcats, my name is Kaitlyn Wernik and I could not be more excited to serve as one of your three elected Senators At-Large this year! I am currently a senior studying Modern Languages and Literature and pursuing a minor in Coaching. I am originally from Issaquah, Washington, but the Bozeman community has become my new home, through and through. The majority of my experience with on-campus involvement has been through Residence Life, as an RHA member, Resident Advisor, and Assistant Resident Director, though I have been a TA and will soon begin Peer Leadership. I look forward to building connections and becoming more involved with other organizations this coming year! My primary focus is to enhance your visibility as a student--ensuring that your concerns, ideas, and needs are recognized and addressed proactively by ASMSU and the University. I'm dedicated to serving you, so let's get in touch!