Montana State University

ASMSU Senate - OnCampus

  Dillon Haskell
Representing On Campus students
Spring seat
ASMSU office hours: Monday 3-4p.m., Tuesday 12-12:30p.m. and Friday 9-10a.m.
Fred Vollmer Fred Vollmer
Representing On Campus students
Fall seat
Liaison to ASMSU: Advertising, KGLT
Liaison to MSU: Academic Advising Center
ASMSU office hours: Tues. 10a.m.-12p.m.; Thurs. 1-2p.m.

  Charles French
Representing On Campus students
Spring seat
Liaison to ASMSU:
Liaison to MSU: Equipment Fee Allocation Committee
Organizational Affiliations:
About Charles:
ASMSU office hours: Tuesday 10a.m.-12p.m.
Lindsay Murdock Lindsay Murdock
Representing On Campus students
Spring seat
Major: Land Rehabilitation
Liaison to ASMSU: Nursing Forum, Tutorial
Liaison to MSU: Core 2.0
Organizational Affiliations: Space Public Outreach Team, Land Resources and Environmental Science Club (secretary), PEAKS Mentor, Member of the Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations
About Lindsay:I was born and raised in Glacier National Park and I moved to Maryland when I was 9. When it came time to decide on a college I knew Montana was the only place for me. I am a land rehab major and I love to do community service, so I would love to start working on combining sustainability and community outreach all around campus. As a senator I am going to do my best to be a voice for the students and do everything in my power to improve the campus.
ASMSU office hours: Monday and Thursday 2-3 p.m.
Jenny Lawson Jenny Lawson
Representing On Campus students
Fall Seat
Major: Psychology / English Lit
Liaison to ASMSU: Nursing Forum; Marketing
Liaison to ASMSU: Voice Center
Organizational Affiliations: IRHA, Voice Center, Exponent
About Jenny: I'm from Florence, Montana. I enjoy mixing Russian literature with a good cup of coffee.
ASMSU office hours: Monday 2-3p.m. and Friday 4-5p.m.
Marci Kolar Marci Kolar
Representing On Campus students
Fall Seat
Major: Accounting & Spanish
Liaison to ASMSU: Daycare, Graphic Design
Organizational Affiliations: Johnstone Center Residence Hall Association (President)
About Marci: I  was born and raised in Belt, Montana. I love playing and watching sports, as well as traveling!! I also love to be involved on our wonderful campus, and am very excited to start making a difference as an ASMSU senator!
ASMSU office hours: Friday 9-11a.m.