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Institutional Audit & Advisory Services

Montana State University
P.O. Box 172450
Bozeman, MT 59717-172450

Tel:  (406) 994-7035
Fax: (406) 994-7999
Location: 118 Hamilton Hall


Daniel Adams


Concerns or Suggestions

994-1805 or

Maintaining the confidentiality of contact with Institutional Audit & Advisory Services is of our greatest concern.

Please contact Daniel Adams, Director of Institutional Audit & Advisory Services, at 994-1805 or regarding any situation or conduct you believe violates an applicable law, regulation, grant or contract requirement, or MSU or Board of Regents policy.  You do not need to know the exact law or requirement or be certain a violation has or will occur. If you suspect something is wrong, the better course of action is always to contact Institutional Audit & Advisory Services, a supervisor or another MSU department, as appropriate.  Examples meriting contact include theft; wage, benefit, or hours abuses; discrimination or sexual harassment; misuse of university property or equipment; violation of safety rules; OSHA or environmental concerns; conflicts of interest; NCAA violations; or intentional misuse of university network or computers.  Although other departments may hold primary responsibility for situations meriting contact with Institutional Audit & Advisory Services, we will ensure that the situation is managed, either working alone or in conjunction with the appropriate department.

If you have suggestions on ways to improve MSU’s operations, please also contact Institutional Audit & Advisory Services.



Updated: 1/14/14