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Kathy Attebury

Budget Adjustments

Budget adjustments can either be one-time-only (OTO) budget adjustments or base budget adjustments. Budget adjustments can be completed within any fund type (i.e. restricted to restricted or designated to designated) and can be made to either positions or to operations to adjust the budget for a specific index.

Budget Adjustment Instructions

Budget Adjustment Training 2013 Power Point
Step-by-Step Position Budget (Salary) Projection Instructions
Multiple Position Adjustment Form Instructions
Converting SAIS Reports to Excel

Budget Adjustment Forms

One-Time Budget Adjustment Form--(Example)
Base Budget Adjustment for Operations Form

Base Budget Adjustment for Single Position Form--(Example)
Base Budget Adjustment for Multiple Positions Form--(Example)

Position Budget (Salary) Projection Templates

Admin/Professional Position Budget (Salary) Projection Template
Classified Position Budget (Salary) Projection Template
Faculty Position Budget (Salary) Projection Template