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Scholastic Probation and Suspension

Probation and Suspension Decisions

When a student's semester or cumulative grade-point average falls below 2.00, the record of the student's performance is reviewed by the University Scholastic Appeals Board, which is composed of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students, and the dean or assistant dean of the college concerned. The board meets between semesters and at other times as needed to act upon individual cases recommended for either suspension or transfer out of a curriculum. This board has the authority 1) to suspend a student from the University for scholastic reasons, 2) to reinstate a student who has been suspended for scholastic reasons, and 3) to require a student to transfer out of a curriculum with the consent of both colleges involved. The chairperson of this board will notify students in writing of the action. (The designation probation, suspension warning, or suspension will be entered on the student's permanent record.) Semester grade reports indicate the status of students, and it is the individual student's responsibility to review his or her grade report each semester.

Guidelines Used by the University Scholastic Appeals Board


                  Grade-point Average, Semester (top) and Cumulative (bottom)


   Previous       0.00-0.99      1.00-1.99      2.00-4.00      2.00-4.00 

   Status         Not Appl.      Not Appl.      0.00-1.99      2.00-4.00 


   Good           University*    College        Not Appl.        Good

   College        Suspension*    Susp.Warn.*    Cont.Coll.       Good

   Cont.Coll.     Suspension*    Susp.Warn.*    University*      Good

   University     Suspension*    Susp.Warn.*    University*      Good

   Susp.Warn.     Suspension*    Suspension*    University*      Good

   Susp.(Ret)     Suspension*    Susp.Warn.*    University*      Good


Definition of Status
Good A student has both a term GPA and cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 or better or is a new student (transfer students may be admitted on university probation). College A student in "good" standing has received the first term GPA between 1.00 and 1.99. Cont.Coll. A student previously on College Probation has raised the term GPA above 2.00 but the cumulative GPA is not above 2.00. University A student previously on University Probation has raised the term Probation GPA above 2.00 but the cumulative GPA is not above 2.00, or has received a term GPA between 0.00 and 0.99 after being in "Good" standing. Suspended A student has received a term GPA less than 2.00 for the past two Warning terms. One more term with a GPA less than 2.00 will result in suspension. Suspension Students will be required to sit out one term on their first suspension and one year on their second suspension. Third suspensions will be handled on an appeal basis only. * These academic actions appear on the student's transcript. All students in either College Probation, University Probation, or Suspension Warning status remains in some form of probationary status until both their most recent semester GPA and their cumulative GPA are above 2.0.

Appeal of Suspension

A student who has been suspended may appeal the suspension if he or she believes there were extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control of which the University Scholastic Appeals Board was unaware when it reached its decision. Appeal forms are available from the offices of academic deans.


A student who was suspended for the first time is automatically reinstated after one semester has elapsed (exclusive of Summer Session). In order to enroll again at MSU, however, a suspended student must submit an Intent to Register form to the Registrar's Office. After a second suspension, one academic year must elapse before the student will be reinstated, again with submission of an Intent to Register form. Intent to Register forms may be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Completed Intent to Register forms must be received by the following approximate deadline dates (check with the Registrar's Office for current deadline dates).

For Reinstatement      Deadline     
Fall Semester August 1
Spring Semester January 1
Summer Session May 1

Students who have received more than two suspensions must petition for reinstatement through their academic dean to the University Scholastic Appeals Board. Petitions are available from the academic deans and must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines listed above.

Reinstated students will be on "probation" when they re-enroll. When students achieve a term and cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above, the "probation" designation is removed. Students must have a 2.00 term and cumulative GPA to graduate.

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