Montana State University

Absence from Classes

When students enroll in a course, they enter a contractual agreement with the instructor for the duration of the course, and both the student and the instructor are expected to honor the specified terms of that agreement. It is important, therefore, for the student to understand the attendance requirements in each course. The instructor should communicate these requirements during the first or second class meeting in writing in the course syllabus.

Absences from classes are handled exclusively within the purview of the individual instructor. If you have an accident, fall ill, or suffer some other emergency over which you have no control, you should gather what documentation you can (e.g., copies of repair or tow bills, prescriptions, accident reports, or statements from physicians) to show to your instructor. In some instances, you may wish to explore the options available by petitioning for I grades.

The provisions for making up missed class work may vary from one instructor to another. Most but not necessarily all instructors provide for some opportunity to make up missed work: for example, if one is absent from campus to participate in university-sponsored events. If you know that you are going to be involved in such activities during the semester, you should advise your instructor of these plans at the outset of the course and determine then what arrangements are available to make up missed class work.

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