Montana State University

Extended University

Extended University administers and coordinates on-and off-campus instruction in the form of distance-delivered and face-to-face courses, programs, institutes, and conferences that supplement the formal academic curriculum at MSU. Extended University services are organized into three main categories:

Montana State Online: Looking for an online or distance learning course at MSU? Currently MSU offers several graduate degrees and select undergraduate courses online and via video conferencing. Non-traditional programs are offered in partnership with Extended University and MSU academic departments.

Office of Continuing Education: Continuing education courses extend the educational resources of the University to the citizens of Montana and beyond. Credit and non-credit courses are offered at various locations across the state. Increasingly, instruction is provided through the use of distance learning technologies, such as video conferencing and web-based online courses. Fees for continuing education courses vary and are established on a cost-recovery basis.

Burns Technology Center: The BTC supports a variety of instructional technology classrooms and tools at Montana State University. The BTC provides training and support services for faculty, students, and private organizations on a contract basis. In addition, the BTC participates in pilot and demonstration programs that explore and enhance information and communication technologies to benefit education and society.

Organizations, professional groups, and interested individuals are invited to contact Extended University for additional information concerning credit and non-credit courses and instructional technology programs.

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