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Astrobiology Minor

The Astrobiology Minor is designed to educate students in this interdisciplinary field covering the varied scientific disciplines that contribute to our general understanding of life, the origin of life, the past history of life on Earth, possible futures for life on Earth, and the possible existence of life on other planetary environments.

The principal goal of the minor is to develop studentsí literacy in astrobiology so they can critically evaluate claims related to this field that they encounter well after their college education has ended.

Required Courses (22 cr.) Credits
BIOB 170 or 258 4
GEO 101IN 4
GEO 211 3
PHL 278 3
ASTR 110IN or ASTR 371, or ASTR 373 3 or 4
CHMY 102CS or CHMY 121IN or CHMY 141 3 or 4
Elective Courses (6 cr.)
BCH 380--Biochemistry
BCH 441--Biochemistry of Macromolecules
BCH 442--Metabolic Regulation
BIOB 256--Introductory Biology:Cells to Organisms
BIOB 260--Cellular & Molecular Biology
BIOB 375--General Genetics
BIOE 370--General Ecology
BIOB 420--Evolution
ERTH 505 --Geomicrobiology
HSTR 282CS --Darwinian Revolution
HSTR 207CS --Science & Technology in World History
HSTR 417 --Sci Tech Soc 1500-1800
HSTR 419 --Modern Science
BIOM 360 --General Microbiology
PHL 242CS --Science, Psuedo-Science & Subjectivity
PHL 345 --Philosophy of Science
ASTR 371 --Solar System Astronomy
ASTR 373 --Stars, Galaxies & the Universe
RLST 402 --Natural, Unnatural, Supernatural

Note: At least one elective course must be at the 300 level or higher.

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