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Genetics is one of the fundamental disciplines that supports the field of biology. The departments that contribute to genetics teaching and research collaborated to develop the Genetics Minor to provide students with a focused experience in microbial, plant and animal genetics and permit exploration of specialties ranging from bioinformatics through molecular, evolutionary and quantitative genetics. The Genetics Minor is available in the departments of Animal & Range Sciences, Cell Biology & Neurosciences, Computer Science, Ecology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, and Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology. Each participating department has a certifying officer for the Genetics Minor to help students decide whether this option is appropriate.The list of advisors is found at"

Standards for the Genetics Minor are consistent across all participating departments.

A student must receive a grade of "C-" or better in all courses required for the minor. In consultation with the Genetics Advisor, the student will select a minimum of 16 credits from the list of elective courses.

Required Courses Credits
BIOB 160 or BIOB 260 4
BIOB 375--General Genetics    3
BIOB 480--Conservation Genetics    3
BIOB 318 or STAT 216 3
Elective Courses Credits
ANSC 322--Principles of Animal Breeding/Genetics    3
BIOB 435--Plant Systemics    3
BIOB 476R--Gene Construction    3
BCH 444R--Biochemical Methods in Mol Biol    3
BIOB 420--Evolution    3
CSCI 451--Computational Biology    2
BIOM 291--Special Topics    3
BIOM 415--Micro Diversity, Ecology & Evolution    4
BIOB 428--Molecular Evolution    3
BIOM 410--Microbial Genetics    3
AGSC 441--Crop Breeding    3
BIOB 491--Special Topics 4
BIOB 475--Genome Science    3
BIOB 478--Functional Gene Expression    2