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The Interior Design program has been developed to prepare students with a wide variety of skills and competencies for entry into various areas of the design field, ranging from residential to commercial design. GCP is a National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Supported School and is working towards becoming a (NKBA) Accredited School. Students in the program may choose to complete 70 additional internship hours to earn a certification in the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

  • Understand the theory and history of design and apply design principles and elements to their projects.
  • Communicate in the language of interior design using listening, verbal, and written skills to interact with clients.
  • Communicate graphically according to current architectural and NKBA standards using both hand-drafting and AutoCAD techniques.
  • Demonstrate research abilities and critical thinking in space planning, selection of finish materials, and application of codes for residential and commercial projects.
  • Increase their body of knowledge in a wide variety of areas including con-struction and finish materials, color and lighting technologies, NKBA guide-lines, residential and commercial codes, sustainability, and professional practice.
  • Employ creative skills to create presentations of their projects using hand- and AutoCAD drafting and rendering and professional sample boards and finish schedules.

Students are strongly advised to enter the program with good keyboarding skills.

Fall Semester Credits
DE 161--Introduction to Design 3+
DE 162--Interior Design Graphics 3+
DE 164--Historic Interiors 3+
DE 166--Textiles & Interior Finishes 3+
CAPP 120--Intro to Computers 3+
Subtotal 15
Spring Semester Credits
DE 163*--Presentation Drawing 3+
DE 165*--Contemporary Interiors 3+
DE 168*--Space Planning 3+
DE 264*--Light,Color,Lighting Systems 3+
DE 273*--CAD for Interior Design 4+
Subtotal 16
Summer Semester Credits
COMM 135--Interpersonal Communication 3+
DE 261*--Field Study 3-5+
Subtotal 6-8
Fall Semester Credits
DE 262*--Studio I 4+
DE 270*--Kitchen and Bath I 3+
WRIT 110--College Writing I 3+
ETCC 173--Architectural Construction & Materials 3+
Electives 3+
Subtotal 16
Spring Semester Credits
DE 263*--Studio II 4+
DE 265*--Professional Practices 3+
DE 271*--Kitchen & Bath II 3+
M 108**--Business Mathematics 4+
Electives 2+
Subtotal 15-16
Suggested Electives (6 Credits Required) Credits
ACTG 101--Accounting Procedures I 3
ARTZ 105RA--Visual Language-Drawing 3
BUS 106--Introduction to Business 3
BUS 220*--Sales 3
WRIT 122**--Introd to Business Writing 3
CIT 280*--Desktop Publishing 3
DRFT 256*--3-D CAD 3
PSYX 100--Introduction to Psychology 3
SOCI 101--Introduction to Sociology 3


Many students need preliminary math, writing, and biology courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and English placement before planning out their full program schedules.

+ A grade of “C-“ or above is required for graduation * Indicates prerequisites needed **Placement in course(s) is determined by placement assessment

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