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Jamie O'Callaghan
P.O. Box 172940
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Tel: (406) 994-5662


    Rotating Professors

Degree Offered

Certificate leading to Secondary Teacher Licensure
Master of Education

  1. Curriculum and Instruction

This program serves the needs of professional adults such as career military personnel and civilians holding baccalaureate degrees, and with a proven career track record (five years preferred), in content areas and related fields where the standard university core requirements have been met and most, if not all, coursework requirements have been satisfied relative to the state and university standards for secondary teaching in a particular subject area (please see Teacher Education TEPP forms).

The Northern Plains Transitions to Teaching (NPTT) Program at Montana State University is a graduate-level program designed to prepare mature candidates for the teaching profession at the secondary school level (middle school and high school only). Eligible candidates must have an earned baccalaureate degree in a teachable subject area (or a bachelor’s degree and the equivalent coursework in a teachable content area), must have a documented history of productive engagement in the workforce, and must have a demonstrated capacity and the willingness to engage in serious, concentrated study and preparation in order to move rapidly through this demanding, highly concentrated course of study.

Program Requirements:
The total program consists of eighteen course credits plus six credits of resident teaching internship, for a total of twenty-four credits. Upon completion, this twenty-four credit program leads to recommendation for licensure in Montana, South Dakota or Wyoming, a license that is convertible by reciprocity agreement with most other states in the U.S. with little or no additional coursework.

Qualification Courses:

EDCI 552 Human Development & the Psychology of Learning 3 Credits
EDCI 553 Diversity, Special Needs, and Classroom Discipline 3 Credits
EDCI 554 Curriculum Design, Pedagogy, and Assessment 3 Credits

Courses includes structured observation in 6 or 7 settings covering a variety of age groups.

In Service/Internship Courses:

EDCI 558 Internship I Methods of Teaching 3 Credits
EDCI 559 Internship II Equity, Special Needs, Diversity 3 Credits
EDCI 555 Technology, Instructional Design, and Learner Success 3 Credits

* EDCI 558 will be taken during the Fall semester of the “internship” year. EDCI 559 will start towards the end of the Fall semester and conclude towards the middle of the Spring semester of the "internship" year. EDCI 555 will occupy the remainder of the Spring semester.

Continuing Preparation

EDCI 556 The Legal, Social, and Practical Basis of Schooling 3 Credits
EDCI 557 Brain Science, Educational Research, and Teaching 3 Credits

Summer courses, no field experiences available.

Total: 24 Credits (Includes internship)

In addition, for those candidates who desire it and are academically qualified, an additional sequence of six credits (typically two courses) in professional development beyond the structure of this certification program is offered which will complete requirements for a master’s degree in education (Curriculum & Instruction option).
Master of Education Course Offerings

EDCI 540 American Indian Studies for Educators
EDCI 564 The Comprehensive Portfolio (required)

Financial Assistance:
Financial assistance is available to Northern Plains Transition to Teaching students in for form of student loans during most semesters enrolled in the program.

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