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Catalog and Curriculum

Catalog in Effect

MSU-Bozeman undergraduates may elect to follow the catalog in effect when they began their freshman year at MSU, or any subsequent catalog, if there has not been a break of more than one academic year in their attendance and if they fall within the six-year catalog limitation policy. Undergraduate students transferring from any accredited United States college or university may follow the MSU 2012-2014 Catalog which was in effect when they first entered the institution from which they transferred, or any subsequent catalog in effect prior to graduation, provided there has been no break in attendance of more than one academic year. The six-year catalog limitation policy applies to transfer students.

MSU undergraduates who change majors may follow the catalog in effect when they began their freshman year at MSU or any subsequent catalog in effect prior to their graduation, provided there has been no break in attendance of more than one academic year. In these instances, too, the six-year catalog limitation policy will apply. In either case (transferring or changing majors) it may be necessary to make course substitutions within the department curricular requirements, due to changes in tabulations from year to year. Students should consult with their academic advisors about this.  The department head and college dean make the official check on curricular requirements for graduation. The Registrar provides the final check on courses required, total credits earned, grade points, cumulative grade-point average earned at MSU, as well as University-wide requirements during the last semester prior to graduation. Students must be officially registered in their chosen curriculum for at least two semesters prior to graduation to be eligible for a degree in that curriculum.

On-Line Catalog

Students are encouraged to consult the online version of the MSU-Bozeman catalog for the most current information regarding academic policies and curricular requirements. The online catalog, found at, is updated on an ongoing basis as changes are made to programs and courses. It is the responsibility of the student to check with his or her department to confirm any changes in curricula.

Six-Year Catalog Limitation Policy

Each MSU-Bozeman catalog covers a specific time period, usually two years, beginning fall semester of the first year and ending summer session two years later. From the time a student enters Montana State University, he or she has six years to fulfill the curricular requirements stated in the catalog in effect when he or she entered. If a student does not complete the requirements in six years, he or she must select a subsequent catalog. This policy applies to both undergraduates who changed majors as well as to transfer students.

Change of Curriculum

A change of curriculum card may be obtained from the Registrar's Office or the college dean's office. The approval of the new academic adviser is required. A change of curriculum becomes official when the change of curriculum card is filed with the Registrar's Office.

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