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Welcome to the Center for Bison Studies at Montana State University-Bozeman (CBS). What you are viewing is an effort by the CBS to allow easy access to important information on the American Bison (Bison bison Linnaeus).


The Center for Bison Studies is at Montana State University-Bozeman. The primary mission of the Center is to serve as a regional center for information exchange and research on all aspects of the biology and management of the American bison. This includes research on disease and parasite identifications, transmission, and control; nutrition and physiology studies; genetic studies; studies on grading and marketing; range science and ecology studies; growth and production studies; and ecology. Specific objectives include: coordination or assistance with conferences or symposia with the publication of conference proceedings; establishment of an affiliates directory with affiliates being encouraged to visit the center periodically for seminars, conferences or short term research projects; opportunities for collaborative work with affiliates and local personnel in the application for extramural research funding; and a central repository of information on the American bison such as scientific publications, computerized databases and related reference material.

The following are available from the CBS:

* The 1997 Symposium Proceedings is Available

* Meetings, Symposia and Convention Announcements

* Bibliographies with Abstracts of over 200 Articles

* Current Articles of Interest

* Bison-related Book List

* More Pictures

* For more information about Center for Bison and Wildlife Health contact or call (406) 994-6255 (serious or scientific inquiries only.)

* Additional information can be found at the National Bison Association Web Site.

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