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Counseling & Psychological Services
Montana State University
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Bozeman, MT 59717-3180

Tel: (406) 994-4531
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Is Pot a Problem for You?

There are no right or wrong answers to this questionnaire. There are no certain number of "yes" answers that classify you as an addict. It is simply a way for you to assess your use and possible abuse of marijuana:

  1. Can you remember the last time you went to a movie straight?
  2. Do you need a bedtime joint?
  3. Would you rather stay home and smoke alone that go out with friends?
  4. Do you think sex is better when you're high?
  5. Do you think pot is better for you than alcohol?
  6. Do you remember the last time you turned down a joint when it was offered?
  7. Do you reward yourself with pot after completing a task?
  8. Do you get nervous when your supply runs out?
  9. Do you wake up feeling tired?
  10. Did you ever forget who you were talking to on the phone - in the middle of the conversation?
  11. Do you feel that you can stop smoking anytime you want to, only you haven't wanted to in years?
  12. Can you remember what life was like before you started getting high?
Taken from "The Recovery Resource Books". 1990. Simon & Schuster: New York

If you would like more information about drug use and abuse, on how the Counseling Center can help you or someone else, or if you're concerned about someone with a possible drug problem, please contact us on 994 4531. Rick Winking is our Substance Abuse counselor, and he can be contacted direct on 994 7764.


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