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Ask-an-Alum Program & Spring Break Externship

Ask-an-Alum Program

The Ask-an-Alum program is a perfect way to support your Alma Mater without requiring a significant time commitment.  Ask-an-Alum volunteers are requested to assist current or recently graduated MSU students with questions or issues related to:

  • Career/Occupation
  • Networking/Job Placement
  • Relocation
  • Mentoring

Ask-an Alum volunteers can determine the level of commitment and time they want to contribute to the program.  You can choose to answer career questions anonymously via email or mentor a new college graduate.  The choice is yours!

To sign up as a volunteer, please click on the link below.


Spring Break Externship

MSU Career & Internship Services is always in search of employers who are willing to provide “real life” pragmatic experiences to students.  Besides a several month internship, MSU students can benefit from a spring break externship.

As an MSU Alumni who can influence your organization's hiring and talent acquisition practices, we encourage you to consider sponsoring a student either through a summer/semester internship or a spring break externship.  The purpose of an externship is to give a student an opportunity to experience the “world of work” during their sophomore or junior year.  If you participate in an externship, we ask that you allow the student to have an organizational experience by allowing the student access to one or more of the following experiences:

    • accompanying you to client meetings
    • observe or participate in problem solving challenges in the work place
    • observe or participate in staff meetings
    • assist with researching a problem or issue

An externship can occur for a day or a week.  The goal should be to give an MSU student the opportunity to see “how the world really works.”  In addition to providing a student with a terrific learning opportunity, you may find this program will help with recruiting terrific talent to your organization.

To request information or to sign up for the spring break externship program, please click on the link below:

Spring Break Externship





Ask-an-Alum Program






Spring Break Externship Program