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Job Posting FAQs

Q Are we able to send you our openings to have them posted online or must we register and enter them ourselves?
A The preferred method is for the employer to enter the jobs, but if you absolutely can’t, there is a student assistant who can enter your postings.
Q Is the website user friendly where we can just cut and paste the job openings or do they have to be individually entered? 
A We think the site is very easy.  You can cut (from a Word document, for example) and paste into the form.
Q We have multiple locations (CO, WY, UT and MT).  Are we able to post all open positions with you or just those physically located in Montana? 
A You can indicate specific locations, including those outside Montana, or use a phrase such as Multiple US Locations, or list the state abbreviations.
Q Are we able to list multiple contacts for the postings or is whoever we list as the main contact the one who will be receiving the feedback on those interested in applying? Or how does this process work? 
A If you want a specific person to receive the feedback, the job should be posted by them, but it isn’t uncommon for a company to “share” the login info so that one person will enter jobs, but the feedback goes to a specific contact.    
Q Are the openings listed for a certain amount of time or how are they managed?  Are we responsible for taking them down or is it automatic after a certain amount of time? 
A The jobs should be posted for no longer than 6 weeks from the date of entry.  It is automatically changed to inactive at that time.  If you decide you want a job closed sooner, you can do it or let us know and we can take it down.  If you want to repost a job so it has additional exposure, it is best if you edit the posting to reflect a more current posting date.  (If someone thinks the job has been posted for 8 months, they’re not likely to apply.)  Also, you do receive an automatic email just before the posting is due to expire. 
Q Is MyCatCareers the only place my job can be viewed?  
A Not only does your job get posted online in MyCatCareers, we print flyers that are displayed on the job board outside our office, and we send a copy to the relevant departments on campus.