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Carina N. Beck, Ed.D.

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services

Often teens going off to college think they have finally become completely independent: they’re living in an apartment with three other people, cooking for themselves, doing laundry, and working to cover the bills. 

But often this stage in a person’s life is when they come to discover just how helpful mom and dad can really be. 

Just because your child is in college and about to enter the workforce doesn’t mean that you can’t help them along the way.

At Career, Internship & Student Employment Services, we welcome parents to take part in the career planning process their child must begin to travel through.  Your experience is a valuable asset to your child, but parents sometimes don't know what advice they need to offer and children don't know what questions to ask.  We will work together with you to begin a useful dialogue.

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services offers access to services like MCIS that parents and their children can explore together.  In addition, parents can request to attend career counseling sessions with their children. Or they can explore the results of our surveys which address incoming freshmen’s expectations as to what they will be making, where they will live, and how much they think their parents’ household income is.