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HireABobcat FAQ's

What is the fee to participate in On-Campus Recruiting?

There is no cost to students or qualifying alumni.

I’m an alumni.  Can I participate in On-Campus Recruiting?

Yes, Alumni up to three years out can participate.

I'm an alumni wanting to return to Montana.  How can I find job postings?
You can view all jobs posted with us on HireABobcat.  Call Career, Internship & Student Employment Services at 406-994-4353 first to have your student ID added to the system.  After that, it only takes a minute for you to create a profile and begin searching jobs online! 

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Contact Career, Internship & Student Employment Services at 406-994-4353 for assistance.

I'm sure I meet the requirents.  Why can't I submit my resume?

Make sure the requirements, such as citizenship requirements or major, are not screening you out. You should also check your profile to make sure that you have completed all the information accurately.

Can Career, Internship & Student Employment Services change the employer's requirements so I can submit my resume?

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services cannot change these requirements since they are set by the employer.  However, in this case, Career, Internship & Student Employment Services encourages students to send their materials directly to the employer.  Employers will often be glad to look at your materials.  Again, if the employer chooses to invite you to interview, ask that they contact the Employment Coordinator by email.

What are company information sessions and how do I find out about them?

The information session is designed so the recruiter can present you with information about the company, thus saving time during an interview to focus on you.  Check the On-Campus Recruiting list to see who's planning to have one. 

If you are interested in interviewing with an employer who is hosting an information session, it is strongly suggested that you attend. The interview process (including the information session) should be used as an opportunity to 'set yourself apart'.  Failure to attend the information session does not accomplish this objective of distinguishing yourself from the competition. If you are not on the interview list, you may attend the information session to talk with the company representative to see if there are any open slots on the interview schedule, however, you must be registered with HireABobcat prior to the interview.