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Carina N. Beck, Ed.D.

Curious about “what’s next”?   Explore the possibilities of what YOU can DO with your major by reading one of our “What Can I DO with a Major In…?” resource guides, or watching the past  workshops on video.

Agricultural Business Farm & Ranch Management Watch the Video
Agricultural Business Management Watch the Video
American Studies  
Anthropology Watch the Video
Art History  
Biotechnology - Animal Systems Watch the Video
Biotechnology - Plant SystemsWatch the Video
Business Accounting Watch the Video
Business Management  
Cell Biology & Neuroscience Watch the Video
Cell Biology & Neuroscience - Biomedical Watch the Video
Civil Engineering  
Civil Engineering Bio-Resources Engineering  
Computer Engineering  
Computer Science Watch the Video
Earth Science - Geography Watch the Video
Economics Watch the Video
English Literature Watch the Video
English Teaching Watch the Video
Environmental Science - Environmental Biology  
Fish and Wildlife Management Watch the Video
HHD Health Enhancement  
Horticulture Landscape Design  
Horticulture Science Watch the Video
Industrial Engineering  
Interior Design Watch the Video
Land Rehabilitation Watch the Video
Mechanical Engineering  
Modern Languages & Literatures - German  
Musical Choral Instrumental  
Music Technology  
Religious Studies