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The Graduate School - Policies and Procedures

Dual Degrees

    Applications and Admissions
    Counting Credits
    Credit Transfer
    Age of Coursework
    Chair and Committees
    Dual Degree Form Process
    Conferral of Degrees

    Application and Admissions
    A student may apply for two graduate degree programs at the same time. The Graduate School recommends communicating your desire with both departments, seeking agreement and support with the double process (preferably in an email that can later be sent to The Graduate School).
    Once a student is given the approval by both departments to proceed with the application, he/she would complete one application; the student does not pay for two applications. However, the student does need to complete all the necessary application requirements for each program (i.e., if one program does not require a GRE, and the other does, the applicant would need to take the GRE). Application materials will be reviewed separately by each department and therefore all application requirements must be met for both degrees. To aid in this process, please send The Graduate School a confirming email that you are applying to two programs ( This can be in the form of the approval email you would receive (mentioned above).
    Once the application is submitted, both departments would begin the review process of the application materials. The applicant may be admitted or denied from one or both programs at this point.

    Counting Credits
    Students may “double count” up to 20 percent of MSU-Bozeman credits across degree programs (i.e. 6 credits for a 30 credit master’s degree). Research Credits may not be double counted.
    A degree program may overlap with only one other program for the purpose of double-counting credits. In other words, credits may never be counted for three or more certificates or programs. If a student seeks a third certificate or program, it must be treated as an independent certificate or program.
    Individual departments and programs may establish their own limits on double-counting, up to the general Graduate School maximum, or they may prohibit double-counting altogether.

    Credit transfer
    Up to nine (9) hours of transfer credits from another institution may be applied to one of the two degree programs, or divided between the two degree programs. The nine (9) hours of transfer credit cannot be applied to each degree program separately.

    Age of Coursework
    The age of courses at the time of graduation may not exceed six (6) years for certificates and masters, and ten (10) years for doctorate.

    Chair and Committees
    The student must have a separate chair and committee for each degree program.

    Dual Degree Form Process
    Separate graduate forms must be filed with The Graduate School for each degree program. This includes; Application for Graduate Admissions, Application for Advanced Degree, Committee Revision, Graduate Program of Study and Committee, Program Change, Report on Comprehensive exam/Thesis Defense form, and forms for submitting an Electronic Thesis/Dissertation.

    Conferral of Degrees
    There will be two separate diplomas awarded upon completion of all degree program requirements.

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