Minutes of University Graduate Council
October 11, 2007


Present: Michele Hardy (AG), John Brittingham (A & A), Priscilla Wisner (BUS), Robert Maher (ENGR), Carl Fox (DGE), Robert Rydell (L&S-Letters), Yves Idzerda (L&S-Science), Rita Cheek (NURS), Ed Dea (STUDENT), Seth Humphries (STUDENT), David Weaver (FC).
          Also attending were MaryKay West (DGE), Jen Jencso (DGE), Donna Negaard (DGE), Kristin Gill (DGE), Laura Collins (DGE), Kaylee Ranck (DGE), and
Cathy Whitlock (Earth Sci), Brian Rossmann (Lib), Mark Pernarowski (Math), Melody Zajdel (L & S, Assoc Dean), Jennifer Smith (Chem & BC), Kevin O’Neill (LRES), Valerie Copie (Chem & BC), Ronald Tobias (A & A).

Meeting commenced at 1:05 p.m. in Bradley Conference Room (2-257 Wilson).



Priscilla Wisner sat in as Acting Chair for Mark Nelson
Members of the Division of Graduate Education introduced themselves, followed by the Council members, and eight other visitors.


Website – Laura Collins


Graduate Recruiting – Kristin Gill


DGE Policies and Procedures Review – Kristin Gill


DGE in MSU Catalog – Kaylee Ranck


Approval of Minutes of May 10, 2007

Motion:  Rob motioned to accept minutes as written; Michelle seconded; approved by unanimous vote.


Chair Position for UGC for 2007-08 – Acting Chair


Motion:  Rob Maher motioned that Mark Nelson remain as Chair of the UGC until the spring elections; Yves seconded; approved by unanimous vote.


Communications with Campus – Carl Fox


Proposal from Veterinary Molecular Biology – Michele Hardy


Tuition Waiver Proposal – Carl Fox


Final Decision on Non-Tenure as Chair – Carl Fox


Meeting Time for Spring Semester – Carl Fox


UGC Committees – Carl Fox


Annual Report and Graduate Coordinators Meeting – Carl Fox


Common Syllabus Format – Carl Fox


Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


NEXT UGC MEETING:  Thursday, November 15, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
                                 114 Sherrick Hall


Please send any corrections, comments, or suggestions concerning the above items to MaryKay at mkwest@montana.edu by Friday, November 9, 2007.
If you wish to add an item to the next Agenda, please contact the representative from your college or send it to MaryKay by November 9.

Respectfully submitted
MaryKay West