Minutes of University Graduate Council
November 15, 2007


Present: Michelle Hardy (AG), John Brittingham (A & A), Priscilla Wisner (BUS), Mark Nelson (EHHD), Robert Maher (ENGR), Carl Fox (DGE), Robert Rydell (L&S-Letters), Yves Idzerda (L&S-Science), Rita Cheek (NURS), Seth Humphries (STUDENT), David Weaver (FC).
            Also attending were MaryKay West, Jen Jencso, Kaylee Ranck, Kristin Gill, and Donna Negaard from DGE.
            Visitors were Denise Thompson (Animal and Range) and Jennifer Smith (Chemistry).

Meeting commenced at 1:05 in Sherrick 103 instead of 114 (due to telecom difficulties).


Approval of Minutes of October 11, 2007

Motion:  Rob Maher motioned to accept the minutes as written.  John seconded.  Approved by unanimous vote.


Open Campus Forum


DGE Staff Reports




PhD Credits – Jen Jencso

MS to PhD:   MS – 10 cr. Research                     PhD – 18 cr. Research                = 28 cr.
                                        20 cr. Coursework                           12 cr. Coursework = 32 cr.
                                        30 cr.                                             30 cr.                                  60 cr.

            BA to PhD:                                                       PhD – 18 cr. Research                                                                                                                                      42 cr. Coursework (10 more than total
                                                                                             60 cr.


Motion: Rob Maher motioned that DGE update the MSU post bac PhD credit requirements to require 18 to 28 research credits out of the 60 credits in a combination of MS and PhD credits.   Yves seconded.


Revised Motion:  Rob Maher motioned to instruct DGE to make the PhD post bac credit requirement to read:  A student entering with credits from a Masters degree will be required to take 18 dissertation credits as part of his/her doctoral program; a student entering with a baccalaureate degree will be required to take between 19 and 28 inclusive credits of 690.     Seconded by Yves.  Approved with one opposed.


Proposal from Veterinary Molecular Biology – Michele Hardy


Motion:  Priscilla motioned that UGC accept the VMB proposal to allow 25 credits of formal coursework.    There was no second so the motion could not go forward.


Motion:   Priscilla re-introduced her motion that UGC accept the VMB proposal to allow 25 hours of formal coursework in their 60 hour dissertation requirement.   Michele seconded.  The vote was as follows:  three in favor, one opposed, and two abstaining, therefore the motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

NEXT UGC meeting:  Thursday, December 13,  1:00 – 3:00 p.m.,   114 Sherrick

Respectfully submitted
MaryKay West