Minutes of University Graduate Council
January 16, 2008

Present: Jay Radke (AG), Rachael Ortego (A & A), Priscilla Wisner (BUS), Mark Nelson (EHHD), Robert Maher (ENGR), Carl Fox (DGE), Robert Rydell (L&S-Letters), Yves Idzerda (L&S-Science), Rita Cheek (NURS), Ed Dea (STUDENT), David Weaver (FC).
          Also attending were MaryKay West (DGE), Jen Jencso (DGE), and Donna Negaard (DGE).

Meeting commenced at 10:03 a.m. in 114 Sherrick.

Open Campus Forum


          As there were two substitutes attending for regular members, everyone introduced themselves.

DGE Staff Reports









Professional Paper Credits for PhD – Jen Jencso


Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Plan – Carl Fox


Challenge Courses – Donna Negaard

          To be discussed at a future meeting.

Comprehensive Exams – Jen Jencso


Council Committee Reports – moved to February meeting

Elections for Spring – Carl Fox


Approval of Minutes of December 13, 2007

Motion: Priscilla motioned and Bob Rydell seconded to approve minutes as amended.  Approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned at noon.


NEXT UGC MEETING Wednesday, February 20, 10:00 – noon
                             114 Sherrick Hall

Respectfully submitted
MaryKay West