Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
March 23, 2004

 Present: Chair Bruce McLeod, Ken Bowers, Janice Bowman, Katie Daughenbaugh, Marc Guillian, Richard Helzer, Robert Maher, Craig Stewart, Warren Jones (Faculty Council), Jenny Miller (College of Graduate Studies), Mary Kay West (College of Graduate Studies).

Meeting commenced at 10:00 a.m. in the President’s Conference Room, Montana Hall.


1.      Discussion item 

a.      Faculty Council review of graduate programs

Copies of “A Proposal to Have Faculty Council Review New Programs at Montana State University—Bozeman” were handed out.  McLeod stated that President Gamble and Provost Dooley want Faculty Council to have a more active role in reviewing new program proposals.  The main topic of discussion was the amount of time the review by AAC would add to the entire new program review process.  Possible timing of the sequence of required meetings was also discussed.  It was suggested that Graduate Council would not have to wait to receive Faculty Council’s report before Graduate Council submitted its report to the Provost.  The two Councils could submit differing opinions of the program proposals to the Provost.

Questions arose as to exactly what the AAC will do in its review, and whether MSU faculty has been asked if they will accept the added responsibility of more review processing.  Jones will ask the department representatives on the Faculty Council to discuss with faculty whether they support the additional review process and additional layer of review.

2.      Agenda items:

      b.  Molecular Life Science proposal

The proposal has recently been brought to the College of Graduate Studies by John Peters in Chemistry.  The MSU doctoral level program would be similar to the IGERT program with students rotating between departments.  McLeod will contact faculty to determine the amount of interest there is in this new proposal.

c.      Guide for theses and dissertations

Miller reported that with the change to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs), the formatting guide is being changed.  The previous 24 page Guide will be reduced to approximately 3 pages, allowing departments more flexibility in formatting theses and dissertations, incorporating styles typically used by each discipline.  The CGS will identify the minimum formatting standards that all students must adhere to and leave flexibility for the rest of the formatting issues to the departments.  McLeod stressed that the style accepted by each department must be CONSISTENT for all their theses and dissertations.  MSU theses and dissertations will no longer be available only at the MSU library as ETDs will now be accessible world wide.  The formatting changes will be effective starting in the Summer 2004 semester.

a.      Use of 4XX (senior level courses) toward doctoral degree credit requirements

McLeod asked each member what their feeling was concerning allowing the 4XX level courses.  Currently, there are no specific requirements for PhD Programs of Study other than 18 must be dissertation credits.  McLeod suggested that the decision be left to the departments—if the department signs off on a doctoral Program of Study with 4XX courses, the College of Graduate Studies will in most cases accept the department’s decision.

The meeting adjourned at 11:02 a.m.