Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
March 20, 2003

(Special Meeting)




Graduate Council Members:


Ken Bowers, College of Letters & Science; Janice Bowman, College of Agriculture; Doug Cairns, College of Engineering; Katie Daughenbaugh, Graduate Students; Marc Giullian, College of Business; Richard Helzer, College of Arts & Architecture; Bruce McLeod, Graduate Dean; Gretchen McNeely, College of Nursing; Craig Stewart, College of Education, Health & Human Development


      Present: Chair Bruce McLeod, Janice Bowman, Mark Giullian, Ken Bowers, Craig Stewart, Doug Cairns, Lynn Taylor (for Gretchen McNeely), Richard Helzer, Katie Daughenbaugh, Rebecca Ward (College of Graduate Studies), Donna Negaard (College of Graduate Studies)


            Meeting commenced at 2:00.


Graduate Council Agenda Items:


Item:  “Professional” programs at MSU


McLeod asked for a focused discussion on the topic of “professional” programs at MSU.  The areas discussed included:

·         Definition of “professional degree” program – possibly have a third option available besides the current ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’. 

·         Having different requirements for committee composition

·         Being flexible for definition of comprehensive exam while maintaining quality

·         Faculty work load


McLeod asked each member of the Graduate Council to think about “professional” programs for future discussions.




Meeting adjourned at 3:00.


The next Graduate Council meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 4th from 9:00-10:00 in the Presidents conference Room (Montana Hall, Room 103)