Montana State University

Doctoral Degree Specialization- Ed.D. Higher Education Administration


This Ed.D. Higher Education Administration specialization is for persons who wish to contribute to the administrative leadership of a college or university. The primary objective of the program is to produce informed practitioners for mid-to-upper level management or administrative positions. These individuals typically manage or direct non-academic operational functions and/or work in academic and administrative staff positions. A minimum of 51-60 credit hours is required. Students who have received a master's degree from the Adult & Higher Education program at MSU-Bozeman or a related master's degree will work with their adviser on designing a program of study.


The M.Ed.

The opportunity to complete an M.Ed. with an Adult Education specialization and move into the Ed.D. program will be contingent on the student's professional history and ambitions, academic record, and Adult & Higher Education's ability to offer the student a new, academically challenging, comprehensive course of study.


Program of Study

Core Courses (12 Credit Hours)
EDLD 505 Hist & Phil of Amer Higher Ed 3
EDLD 510 Org & Adm of Higher Ed 3
EDLD 528 College Students 3
EDLD 537 Inst Resch & Assessment 3
or EDLD 511 Planning Program Assessment
Administration Specialized Courses (15-24 credit hours) 15
Issues/Trends in High Ed
Planning Program Assessment
Fin Adm in High Ed
Resource & Prog Mgmt
Critical Race Theory
Am Indians/Minority in High Ed
Postsecond Dist Delivered Educ
College Teaching
Theoretical Fndtns/Col Stdnts
Law & Policy in High Ed
Student Services
Graduate level courses may be selected from the Adult Education specialization or other departments that will strengthen the student's program of study. These courses need to be selected in consultation with the chair. 9
Statistics and Research Courses (10 Credit Hours beyond the masters)
EDCI 502 Educational Statistics II 3
EDCI 507 Qualitative Educational Rsch 3
EDCI 607 Quantitative Educational Rsch 3
EDCI 594 Seminar 1
Dissertation (14 Credit Hours)
EDCI 690 Doctoral Thesis 14
Total Credits 51-60



Students with no professional experience working in higher education administration must provide evidence of having gained such experience. This should be done prior to completing the dissertation or they must register for a three-credit higher education administration Internship (EDLD 598) in addition to all of the above course requirements.