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Earth Sciences Seminars

2014 SpringESCI Seminar Series
Thursday's 4:30 - 5:20 pm

243 Gaines Hall

1/9/14 Dr. Bjørn Kvamme University of Bergen, Norway: Storage of CO2 in Natural Gas Hydrates.
1/16/14 Dr. Rebecca Garvoile

College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana,Yellowstone National Park, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Social Science stationed at Yellowstone National Park: Hydropolitics and Eco-Governance: Tracing the Politics of Nature, Place and Identity in the Florida Everglades and Greater Yellowstone.

1/23/14 Dr. Jordy Hendrikx Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University: A crowd sourced approach for understanding decision making in avalanche terrain
1/30/14 Zachary Adam PhDc

Montana State University, Micropaleontology and biostratigraphy of the Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup, Montana

2/3/14 Dr. Diana Liverman** Co-director of the Institute of the Environment at The University of Arizona and a Regents Professor in the School of Geography and Development, Climate and poverty: connections and contradictions
7 pm Museum of the Rockies
2/13/14 Dr. Craig Lee Research Assoc in Dept of Sociology and Anthropology at MSU and Research Scientist at INSTAAR (CU-Boulder), Ice Patch Archaeology in the Rocky Mountains:  A Silver Lining to 21st Century Climate Change
2/20/14 Kennda Lynch PhDc GEM Lab, Colorado School of Mines, Abodes of Life: Unravelling the Habitability of Paleolake Basins on Earht and Mars
2/27/14 Teresa Krause PhDc Montana State University, Paleofires: Using lake sediments to reconstruct the fire history of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
3/6/14 Dr. Martin Sharp University of Alberta: The Global Dynamics of Arctic Ice Caps
3/28/14* Charles F. Gritzner Colloquium Speaker: Geographic Perspectives on the (So-Called) Paranormal.
4/3/14 Manuel Jose Prieto PhD Candidate, Univ of Arizona, Privatizing water and articulating indigeneity: The Chilean water reforms and the Atacameño people (Likan Antai) 
4/10/14 Dr. David Naftz Research Hydrologist, USGS, Wyoming and Montana Water Science Center, Helena, MT,
Using thermocline manipulation to remediate a reservoir with elevated mercury: Physical and biogeochemical results
4/17/14 Dr Pascal Haegeli Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Snow Science - Examining decision-making in avalanche terrain – research at the interface between natural and social science
4/24/14 Dr. Kenneth Simms Univ. of Wyoming, Sniffing for Clues to the Dinosaur’s Demise: Importance of rhenium and noble metal volcanic fluxes in global biogeochemical cycles.

**Please note: bolded lectures are outside of the normal schedule seminar dates and time.**

Thank you for your participation in this semester's seminar series! Your attendance at the weekly seminars is very much appreciated by the students and faculty of ESCI

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