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Dr. David Mogk

Earth Sciences Seminars

2014 Fall ESCI Seminar Series
Thursday's 4:30 - 5:20 pm

243 Gaines Hall

9/4/14 Steven Whitmeyer Visualizing Geology: Past, Present, and Future  
9/11/14 Kerri Ormerod PhDc Research Associate/EPA Fellow: University of Arizona: No Shit: A Study of Potable Water Recycling and ‘Common Sense’ using Q Methodology
9/18/14 Dr. Jennifer McIntosh Associate Professor: University of Arizona: Impacts of continental glaciation on groundwater resources
9/25/14 Dr. Peggy Petrzelka Utah State University: Hydraulic Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale: Community Impacts from the new Boom
10/2/14 Lary Dilsaver University of South Alabama: American Culture, Deserts and the Mission of the National Park Service in Joshua Tree National Park
10/9/14 Chris Boyer Kestral Aerial Services:
10/16/14 Dr. Rick Aster Professor and Department Head, Colorado State University: Rootless Rockies: New Results from the CREST Project.
11/13/14 Lori Babcock, PhDc MSU: Structural diagenesis in Upper Devonian (Frasnian Stage) dolomite of the Little Belt Mountains and the Sawtooth Range, MT.
11/20/14 Alida Baileu,l PhDc MSU: Osteo-histology of cranial sutural fusion in the Archosauria: Implications for maturity assessment in non-avian dinosaurs.

**Please note: bolded lectures are outside of the normal schedule seminar dates and time.**

Thank you for your participation in this semester's seminar series! Your attendance at the weekly seminars is very much appreciated by the students and faculty of ESCI

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