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All applicants seeking licensure as addiction counselors in Montana must include verification of specific addiction course work.

At the time of application to the State, an official transcript and copies of certificates of completion for all hours must be submitted. Please note that each credit hour of approved course work is equivalent to 15 hours.

Graduates of a CACREP (or equivalent) master's-level counseling program will likely have met some of the specific training requirements. Areas of course work required to meet LAC standards, but not necessarily required in counseling programs, are being offered through the MSU LAC Certificate program. These courses are open to both post-master's and post-baccalaureate students. However, post-baccalaureate students will require additional course work. Please see LAC Prerequisite Courses for Licensure table below.

Specific Training Requirements for LAC Certification

  LAC 501 LAC 502 LAC 503 LAC 504 LAC 505 LAC 509 LAC 510 Total Hrs
Content req for licensure 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 21 cr
Addictions assessmt
(60 hours)
    30 hrs     30   60
Addictions counseling
(90 hours)
45 hrs             90
Pharmacology (30 hours)   30 hrs           45
Ethics for addictions counselors (15 hours)         15 hrs     15
Alcohol & drug studies
(30 hours)
      30 hrs       30
Treatment planning and
documentation (30 hours)
    15 hrs     15 hrs   30
Multicultural competency
(15 hours)
        15 hrs     15
Co-occurring disorders in
addictions (30 hours)
      15 hrs 15 hrs     30
TOTAL HOURS: 300 45 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs  

Credit-hour breakdown
  • 15 hours = 1 credit
  • 45 hours = 3 credits

General Prerequisite Education Requirements for LAC Certification

All applicants must have a baccalaureate degree in alcohol and drug studies, psychology, sociology, social work, counseling, or a related field from an accredited college or university. Course work must include the following areas and specified hours.

Education Category Hours Required
Human Behavior, Sociology, Psychology or a similar emphasis 6 semester credits (90 clock hours)
Psychopathology or course work exploring patterns and courses or abnormal or deviant behavior 3 semester credits (45 clock hours)
Counseling Total of 9 semester credits
Group Counseling: 6 semester credits (90 clock hours)
Theory of Counseling: 3 credit hours (45 clock hours)