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Department Chair

Dr. David Cherry

Jim Allard, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

Professor Emeritus allard

Not currently teaching


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Research Interests

19th Century Philosophy

History of Philosophy

Continental Philosophy


PhD, Princeton University, 1976

Select Publications

logicalfoundationsallard writingsallard

The Logical Foundations of Bradley’s Metaphysics: Judgment, Inference, and Truth, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005.

“The Idealistic Transformation of Logic,” in James Connelly and Stamatoula Panagakou, Aspects of Idealism, Peter Lang, 2010.

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(eds.), Consciousness, Reality and Value, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag, 2007, 79-91.

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“Idealism in Britain and the U.S.A., 1870-1914,” in Thomas Baldwin (ed.), The Cambridge History of Philosophy: 1870-1945, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004, 43-59.

Journal articles:
“Bradley’s Collected Works, Volume 3", Bradley Studies, Special Review Issue, Vol. 7, 2001, pp. 46-77.

Ben Wempe, T. H. Green’s Theory of Positive Freedom, Journal of the History of Philosophy,
Maria Dimova-Cookson and W. J. Mander (eds.), T. H. Green: Ethics, Metaphysics, and
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