Montana State University

Kristen Intemann, Courses Taught

Courses Taught

Lower Division Courses

Introduction to Feminist Theory
Problems of Good & Evil (PHIL 105)
Reason and Reality (PHIL 120)
Science, Pseudoscience & Subjectivity (PHIL 225)
Philosophy of Science
Biomedical Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Critical Thinking

Upper Division Courses

Feminist Epistemologies (WS 301)
Problems of Good & Evil (PHIL 105) Ethics (PHL 312)
Reason and Reality (PHIL 120) Philosophy & Feminism (PHL 351)
Science, Pseudoscience & Subjectivity (PHIL 225) Science & Values (PHIL 491)
Philosophy of Science Case Studies in Ethics (PHIL 491)
Biomedical Ethics Social and Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics Business Ethics
Critical Thinking Human Rights
Logic Research Ethics (PHL 491)

Capstone Seminars:

Environmental Justice

Graduate Courses:

Science, Objectivity & Values
Research Ethics (PHL 591)