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Location: 120 Hosaeus Fitness Center


Stephen J. Erickson


Climbing Wall Rules

  • Climbing is open to MSU students, faculty and staff, and Alumni/Special Use pass holders
  • All users of the climbing wall must sign off on the ASMSU Climbing Wall Application and Agreement and obtain a climbing wall card, which must be available to present any time a user is climbing at the wall
  • The climbing wall area is open to youths (17 and under) and other groups during specialty events by permission of the directors of the ASMSU Recreational Sports and Fitness department
  • Youth must be accompanied at all times with a family member or guardian (above the age of 18) who is a facility pass holder
  • Climbing wall orientations are available during set times of the week (contact the front office at 994-5000)
  • Climbers must wear shoes. There are no bare feet allowed. Climbing shoes may be rented at the equipment room - socks are required to be worn with our shoes
  • A climber's feet must not go above the red bouldering line. Climbers with feet above the bouldering line will be disciplined by the climbing wall instructor, climbing wall supervisor, or building supervisor
  • All climbers must stay out of other climbers' Fall Zones
  • Food and drink are prohibited in the climbing wall area; the exception is water in a closed container
  • Do not move the mats from their current placement, with the exception of the bouldering pads
  • ASMSU Recreational Sports and Fitness, the ASMSU Climbing Club, or other groups may schedule exclusive use of the climbing wall. These occasions will be posted in advance so as to give adequate warning
  • Unsafe conditions or unsafe climbing wall behavior will not be tolerated and will be rectified immediately by the climbing wall instructor, climbing wall supervisor, or building supervisor
  • Incoming users may be asked to wait if the climbing wall has reached capacity. This is done at the discretion of the climbing wall instructor, climbing wall supervisor, or building supervisor
  • During Bouldering Hours, no top roping is available
  • Wrenches or Allen keys will be available upon request if any of the holds are loose or if any climber would like to create a route. A climbing instructor or climbing wall supervisor must be on hand for this to occur. Climbers may not bring their own tools
  • All climbers must pass the Belay Certification Test in order to climb with ropes during the Top Rope Hours
  • Climbing wall instructors and climbing wall supervisors reserve the right to inspect a climber's gear and belay techniques. Improper gear or belay techniques will be rectified quickly
  • All users should clean up after themselves and others; please have respect for the climbing wall. This is your climbing wall. Help us take care of it