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Tel: (406) 994-5000
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Location: 120 Hosaeus Fitness Center


Stephen J. Erickson


Faculty and Staff Info

University Pass – Faculty/Staff/Spouses/Retirees

All MSU faculty/staff (.5 FTE or greater) and MSU retirees are eligible to purchase a University Pass for use of the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center.  This pass permits holder to full use of the reservation system, locker with towel service (extra fee), use of all facilities at open times and access to Fitness Classes.  Memberships run from September 1st of current year to August 31st of the following year.

Faculty/Staff members who have a spouse who is a full-time student at MSU are eligible for the Student Spouse pass.  Faculty/Staff who are MSU alumni will not be given a discount.  Retired faculty/staff will be charged at a special affordable reduced rate.

The locker rooms are located in the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center. Towel exchange is available each time you use your locker (exchange in Equipment Room Only).  Children (18 and under) on a family membership, must be directly supervised at all times and will not be issued an ID of their own nor will they be able to use parents ID by themselves.  Children under 14 years of age are not allowed in the weight lifting or circuit workout areas.  Children under direct supervision are allowed in the Climbing Wall only during regular open hours and after signing RSF Office Climbing Wall waiver form.

University-Related Pass

A person affiliated with MSU but not under the MSU insurance plan. (i.e. Adjunct Professors; MSU employees under .5 FTE; Temp. Hourly employees; Fish, Wildlife and Parks employees; all campus Church affiliates; WAMI Program affiliates; Tech Park employees: State Diagnostic Lab employees; Extension employees; etc.) are eligible to purchase a University-Related pass.

Alumni/Special-Use Passes

Former students of MSU are eligible to purchase an Alumni Pass.  Any person may purchase a Special-Use Pass valid only for the tennis, martial arts, pool, indoor running track, and bouldering areas.

Student Spouse Pass

A full-time student may purchase a semester use pass for his/her spouse (must be renewed for $75.00 each semester).  This entitles the spouse to full use of all facilities.  No locker is included with this fee; however, the spouse can purchase a locker from the Recreational Sports and Fitness Office at the regular non-student membership rates after purchasing student spouse pass. NOTE: Must have proof of marriage certificate or proof of sharing living expenses (rental agreement, health insurance card with both names on it, utility bill). Both the student and the spouse will need to sign the Rec. Sports Membership form. After purchasing membership, spouse will need a Cat-Card or a hand scan from the Cat-Card Office for facility entrance.

Part-Time Student Pass

A minimum of seven (7) credits are required for eligibility to use the facilities with student ID.  Any student carrying less must pay an additional fee ($78.20 to MSU Business Office in Montana Hall). (Ask at the Recreational Sports and Fitness Office for more information or call 994-5000.)  Spouses of part-time students who have paid the additional fee will be considered a University- Related Pass and will be required to pay for membership by the semester (cost will be $90 each semester).

Student Summer Rates

Students who were full-time spring semester are eligible to buy a summer pass.  Part-time students spring semester who paid the Intramural Fee and Activity Fee to use the gym facilities during that semester are also eligible.

Guest Passes

People wanting to use gym facility on a limited basis may purchase a day Guest Pass for $8.00; a week pass for $22.00, (lockers not available, users may use shower facilities but must provide their own towel or rent towel from the Equipment Room for $1).  Guest Passes are sold at the Recreational Sports and Fitness Office and at the Equipment Room after 5pm and on weekends.

Discontinuation of Gym Membership

Membership refunds will ONLY be issued to those persons moving from the Bozeman area (50 miles or greater).  Refunds are based upon a pro-rated semester use scale. NO refunds will be issued after April 15th.  (This will be strictly enforced!)