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Stephen J. Erickson


Group Fitness Schedule—Fall 2014 (October 20th - November 25th)

Click HERE for Fall Session 2 (Starting Oct 20th)

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Group fitness passes allow access to all classes!
Purchase group fitness passes at Marga Hosaeus Room 120, 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri)
$45/Fall or Spring Semester, $20/Summer.
All participants must have a valid Cat Card.
Staff and Faculty memberships include group fitness classes.
Summer session non-student memberships include group fit classes.
All instructors are CPR/AED and group fitness/specialty certified.
Classes are on a drop in/first-come, first-served basis. There is no need to sign up. Classes may be canceled if attendance is less than 5 for two consecutive weeks.

Strength, Core and Cardio Conditioning

Ab/Lab: All about the core. Experience an intense 30 minute core workout!

B2B Bootcamp: Back to basics! No choreography to learn in this class. Half of class will focus on cardio conditioning and half on strength training. Expect traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises, and weight lifting.

Circuit Conditioning: Combine cardio, core and strength training in circuits, intervals and stations.

HIIT Kettlebell: High intensity interval training with kettlebells to maximize muscular strength, muscular endurance, core strength, balance, and heart-pumping cardio for maximal calorie burn and full-body workout.

Hydro Jog: Run without impact! Great cardio workout with less stress on joints while having fun in the pool.

Kettlebell Strength: The ultimate full-body workout. Maximize energy and stamina with kettlebell for muscular strength, muscular endurance, core strength, balance and continuous cardio.

Max Core: Maximum core, strength and flexibility training. Focus on stabilization, endurance and strengthening of core muscles and stabilizing muscles for improved balance, agility, movement and injury-prevention.

Next Level: Metabolic-boosting workout packed into 50 minutes of non-stop, multi-muscle movements designed to maximize athletic performance and increase EPOC (after burn effect) from the core out! *This format not designed for beginners.

Power Sculpt: Tone and sculpt your body using bodyweight and strength equipment for muscular and cardio conditioning.

Power Strength: Blast all major muscle groups in a powerful strength training session using a variety of equipment.

Young Hearts: It is never too late to stay active or get active! A new offering that focuses on building community amongst active older adults while providing a well-rounded workout including strength, cardio, flexibility and balance training.

Choreographed Fitness

Cardio Dance: High-impact floor aerobic class to "Get down, Get funky, Get loose!!' Learn cool dance moves in fun and energizing choreography. Sweat guaranteed!

Oula: Inspiring and fun dance with easy to follow choreography. Oula encourages self-expression and freedom of movement to leave you smiling, sweating and confidently striding out the door, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Zumba: Easy-to-follow dance steps, body sculpting movements, and pulsating Latin & International music produce a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system.


Barre: Invigorating fusion of dance, yoga and pilates into one low-impact and body sculpting workout using a ballet barre. A unique combination of strength, core and flexibility training.

Foam Rolling: Massage sore muscles, prevent injury, and promote muscular health in a guided workout on foam rollers.

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga: Work towards more challenging poses and deeper understanding of yoga principles. This class is for those who have been practicing yoga for at least one year, though modifications will still be given.

Outdoor Yoga: All the benefits of yoga taken to the great outdoors! Participants will head outside from the check-in desk.

Power Yoga: Vigorous approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Sync movement and breath to flow smoothly from one pose to another. Create mind and body connection, emotional awareness and physical challenge.

Restorative Yoga: Ultimate relaxation, renewal, and ease. Props utilized to ease and to sustain body into certain poses and thus surrender to deeper relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Sync your breath & movements in a flowing sequence of poses for balance of body and mind.

Yin Yoga: A restorative style that focuses on slow and sustained poses to release tight muscles. Poses are held for extended lengths of time to also help the release of tight ligaments and joints.

Yoga: Stretches and poses to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, poise, and balance. Utilize breathing to focus internally and to unite the body and mind in movement.

Yoga for Athletes: Ultimate yoga fusion of core strengthening, stretching, flexibility, balance and restorative poses for the commonly overused muscles of the highly active and/or athletic population.


Cycle: Enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of cycling while instructors lead drills including hills, sprints, cardio challenges and outdoor simulations ensured to get the heart pumping and the legs burning. Excellent cross-training for those involved in highimpact sports and/or activities.

Cycle & Strength: First half cycling, second half strength moves off the bike while using many types of equipment.

HIIT Cycle: Push the limit with high intensity drills and high energy music guaranteed to skyrocket heart rates. Excellent crosstraining for the highly active, runners, and athletes in high-impact sports.