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Stephen J. Erickson


Pink Gloves Boxing Spring 2015

CLICK HERE for a printable PGB Schedule - Spring 2015

Pink Gloves Boxing combines personal development and goal-setting into a superior fitness system.
In PGB, members cheer each other on, help each other out, guide new members, and contribute to each session. PGB teaches true boxing techniques and skills—however, there is no direct contact in classes.

All instructors are group fitness certified as well as Pink Gloves Boxing trained and certified.

All classes are free of charge to attend from January 14 to January 25

Level I: Registration is $60, Kit is $60
Level II & III: Registration is $60
Advanced: Registration is $30

End-of-semester physical challenges allow participants to progress to the next tier in the program.

To learn more about Pink Gloves Boxing, call (406) 994-5000