Turner's Challenge
original painting by Greg Keeler

Jack B. Jelinski

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
College of Letters & Science
Montana State University-Bozeman
Phone: (406) 994-4448, Fax: (406) 994-6199
Email: umljj@montana.edu




  • Coordinator of Spanish - Montana State University from 1973-1978.
  • Department Head of Modern Languages and Literatures from 1978-1990.
  • Letters and Science representative to the Faculty Council from 1977 through 1980.
  • Affirmative Action Advisory Committee Chairman from 1977-1979.
  • President of the Montana State University Chapter of AAUP, 1976-1977.
  • College of Letters and Science representative (elected) to the University Department Heads Executive Committee. 1979-1980.
  • Served as Dean's Representative on several important Committees such as:  English Department Review Committee, 1979; Headship Search Committee, Department of History and Philosophy, 1979; Dean's Grievance Committee (in sex discrimination procedure), 1979; English Headship Search Committee, 1979-1980.
  • Department Advisor for the MSU Honors Program from 1981.
  • Faculty Advisor for the Progressive Reform Party (PREP) 1980 - 1982. This is a new student organization of MSU.
  • Member, Parent-Teacher council - Bozeman Junior High School, from 1981.
  • Women's Studies Committee, 1982. Committee appointed by the Dean to determine the scope of a new Women's Studies Program.
  • Advisory Committee to the Center for bilingual/Multicultural Programs from 1982.
  • MSU Faculty Council - Elected representative for the College of Letters and Sciences, 1982-1985.
  • Faculty Council Committee on Tenure - 1985.
  • External Review Committee for the College of Education Self-Study and Reorganization Plan, 1985-1988.
  • Committee for the Establishment of the Humanities Seminar Program, 1985-1987.
  • Search Committee for the Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences appointed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, 1987-1988.
  • Faculty Advisor: MSU Association of Iberamerican Students, 1986-1988.
  • Chair, Adhoc Committee for an Alternate Core Curriculum, 1988-1989.
  • Student Information Systems - Advisory Council:  Department Head Representative from Letters and Sciences in planning SIS integration under the new IA computerized systems format. 1988 through 1990.
  • Reviewer, College of Letters and Sciences Screening Committee for N.E.H. proposals, 1990.
  • Chair, Steven L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Committee. Goal: Fund-raising to establish a $500.00 annual scholarship award, 1991-present.
  • Faculty Advisor: The Black Student Union of Montana State University, 1990-1994.
  • Faculty Council: Alternate elect. Served replacement term, Fall Semester 1991-1992.
  • Coordinator of Spanish Language Section from 1992-present.
  • Elected as Letters and Science Representative to Faculty Council, 1993- 1997.
  • Selection Committee for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for Minority Student Fellowships, 1993-1994, 1994-1995, 1995-1996.
  • Selection Committee: College of Letters and Sciences Research and Creativity Program, March, 1995, 1996.
  • Chair, Spanish Search Committee, 1995-1996.
  • Chair, Adhoc Committee for the Reorganization of Campus Governance 1995-1996. Resulted in the reorganization of University Council resulting in the creation, for the first time at MSU, of a faculty council to exclusively represent the faculty.
  • University Salary Review Committee - 1996 and 1997-2000.
  • Faculty Council Representative, 1997-2003.
  • Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee, 1999-2000.
  • University Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1999-2000.
  • University Governance Council - Steering Committee, 2000-2001.


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